Spinning things

Posted by Saraline , Wednesday, March 31, 2010 6:35 PM

This post is going to be about my son but it will be interesting and relevant to feminist parenting, I swear.

That's him on his first birthday back in October. Isn't he cute? ANYWAY.

I don't remember exactly when it started, but at one point he became very fascinated with things that spin. I have a friend who has a pipe coming out of her floor with a washer on it; when we went to visit her, he would sit on the floor spinning the washer. He would turn the umbrella stroller over so he could spin the wheels. He has discovered other things now, but he still likes to sit quietly and play with objects that spin.

Because of his passion for spinning things, he's developed an inclination to play with toy trucks, trains, and cars. Someone told me that his interest in spinning things is a "boy thing" and that's why boys like cars. I don't think I believe this and I haven't found any evidence to support it. I think that girls are just as likely to enjoy spinning things as boys are. And if girls don't like cars, then why do they make Barbie cars? Barbie cars are definitely not marketed to boys.

For what it's worth, my son also has a doll that he sometimes waves around while chattering away happily. He also loves to look at books, which definitely isn't a gender thing. His favourite toy is a Thomas the train that has wheels that spin and also opens up into a book. It has the best of both worlds in his opinion.

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