Feeding a baby is not child abuse

Posted by Saraline , Friday, April 2, 2010 2:56 AM

Some people seem to care an awful lot about what other people are feeding to their kids. Some say that breastfeeding is selfish, and some say that formula feeding is selfish. Some say that breastfeeding is child abuse and some say that formula feeding is child abuse.

Breastfeeders and formula feeders both get tired of other people getting upset over their methods of feeding their children. Breastfeeding mothers get dismayed by all of the misinformation about breastfeeding that's available; sometimes they even hear inaccurate facts from their doctors. Sometimes people tell them that breastfeeding is gross, that it's wrong to breastfeed in public, and sometimes they're asked to go go breastfeed in the bathroom. This can make things pretty stressful for a mom who just wants to feed her baby.

These are all reasons why we have lactivism. Lactivists educate others about the benefits of breastfeeding, stand up for a mother's right to nurse in public, and offer support to new mothers who want to breastfeed.

Unfortunately, there are some lactivists who feel that nobody should feed formula to their children. Some people are upset when lactivists are labled as boob nazis while other lactivists embrace the term and take pride in it. It upsets me that someone would be proud of being called any kind of nazi. It also upsets me that a lot of these women are feminists, but "her body, her choice" goes out the window when it comes to breastfeeding. A woman could have any number of reasons for not breastfeeding, and she's not obligated to share her reasons with anybody else.

New mothers need emotional support whether they choose to formula feed or breastfeed their infants. They don't need to be bullied, looked down on, or made to feel inferior. Unless they're feeding their babies antifreeze, what parents choose to feed their children isn't anybody else's business.

So, for those of you who think that breastfeeding is wrong:
-breastfeeding is not child abuse.
-nobody wants to eat their lunch in a bathroom and mothers don't want to feed their babies in one either. That's just gross!
-breastfeeding has many benefits and breastfed babies are not starving.

and for those of you who think that formula feeding is wrong:
-formula feeding is not child abuse.
-infant formula is not poison.
-her body, her choice, end of.

Now can't we all just get along?

7 Response to "Feeding a baby is not child abuse"

Anonymous Says:

I like it when mothers wear the cover things when breast feeding, then I don't mind it in public. Otherwise, yes, take it to the bathroom.

Being a parent is a choice. Not having to look at random women stripping down is a right, regardless of why they are doing it.

Saraline Says:

No, breastfeeding in public is a right. That's the law. You have a choice to look at something or someone else.

Anonymous Says:

Hey anonymous: I don't want to watch you eat either. From now on, please eat in a dirty public washroom stall. Thank you.

Superfast Jilliefish Says:

What about grammar nazis? ;)

Saraline Says:

That makes me uncomfortable too, especially when it's directed at me!

Jesspal Says:

Thank you for this post! I feel exactly like you. New mothers need support no matter what they choose. I wasn't able to breast feed and to this day (My son is 3) I'm a little uncomfortable telling people that I formula-fed because there is so much judgement. Being a new mother is hard enough without having pressure from people (even their doctors) to do one or the other. I think breastfeeding is wonderful but, in the end, what is most important is to have a happy and healthy baby and mommy.

Esther - TTBM Says:

Hi Sarah!

Kudos to you for being a good parent even though you are a single mom. I read through some of your posts.

Hop over to my blog for a cup of tea?


I am a Montreal mom too!