Man empowers women by encouraging them to pose for nude photos

Posted by Saraline , Friday, April 30, 2010 4:13 AM

I think a preface is in order here. On my blog post "Men as feminist leaders?" there was discussion about whether or not the event Femquake was still empowering for women with the knowledge that it was created by a man. Some of the people who commented feel that a man can be a feminist leader and that people who think otherwise have "a toxic lack of imagination."

These comments made me wonder: would they feel the same way about a man being a feminist leader if a man had come up with Boobquake? While I was pondering this, I came across an article at The Onion called Man finally put in charge of struggling feminist movement. I suggest that you read it, it's hilarious. This was the inspiration for my own mock article. (Mockticle?)

The Pope issued a statement yesterday that floor length skirts will now be the mandatory uniform for all Catholic school girls.

"Girls who wear short skirts encourage boys to educate themselves about contraceptive methods and support the pro-choice movement," he said. "This, in turn, causes earthquakes which kill millions of people, not to mention fetuses. It's science."

Canadian Apparel founder and self-identified feminist Dave Barney was outraged by the Pope's comments.

"Forcing young women to cover their beautiful forms is disempowering," he wrote on his blog. "This really makes me question the Pope's expertise when it comes to science. Do girls who show a little skin really cause the things that the Pope says they do?

"It's time for Pornquake! I propose that on Monday, female bloggers everywhere post nude pictures of themselves on their blogs and on facebook to show the Pope that he can't just oppress women by forcing them to cover up like that. Then we'll test his 'science' by seeing if there are more google searches on 'birth control' that day. That'll show him. Plus pictures of naked women are good for everybody."

Pornquake has received an enthusiastic response from feminists and men alike.

"More free porn on the internet can't be a bad thing," said one blogger, who preferred that we use his online handle, BigCock69.

When asked if she was concerned that Pornquake was being led by a man, one feminist said, "Not at all! Dave Barney knows what he's talking about when it comes to feminism. And besides, I think that feminist ideas mean more when they're coming from a man."

Dave Barney agrees.

"Feminism is about equality for women," he said. "If I want women to be equal when I'm not even a woman, then that's really saying something."

The Vatican declined to comment on Pornquake.

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