"Mom Idol" puts mothers in the spotlight before putting them back in the kitchen

Posted by Saraline , Thursday, April 8, 2010 8:16 PM

A friend of mine mentioned "Mom Idol" on facebook today. I thought that sounded like a nice idea. What better way to put moms in the spotlight than to have a singing competition with just moms? It would be a competition completely unrelated to their parenting abilities and it would help them stay connected to their sense of self.

As it turns out, that's not what this competition is. It's just some online ballot that some appliance company made up so that some lucky mom can go to the American Idol finale and be on TV for 20 seconds.

This is what's included in the prize package:
-a trip for 2 to the American Idol finale
-a makeover (because we can't have any frumpy moms at the season finale of American Idol!)
-$5000 to a charity of the winner's choosing
-a bunch of kitchen and laundry appliances

"The Electrolux brand is all about helping Moms be even more amazing; now it's time to celebrate Mom for all the amazing things she does," says a spokesperson from the appliance company. Way to be selfless, mom, here's some money to a charity and some appliances so you can keep being selfless.

Maybe you're wondering why I'm dissing the appliances and the charity money. It just bothers me that this competition is aimed specifically at mothers. "Oh, here's a makeover so you can conform to society's image of beauty, some appliances so you can cook, a washer and dryer so you can do laundry, and, oh yeah, here's some money for somebody else." I can think of a lot of things that many mothers would appreciate: some alone time, a night out without kids, a massage, a drink- if they're going to have a mom competition, then why not do something for her?

5 Response to ""Mom Idol" puts mothers in the spotlight before putting them back in the kitchen"

Angela Says:

I totally agree.

Lydia Says:

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ck Says:

Just caught your blog at Progressive Bloggers. Nice to meet a fellow Montrealer at Prog Blogs.

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Saraline Says:

Hi ck, nice to meet you!

Melody Jane Says:

Perfectly well put! I heard about this particular contest and had the same initial reaction until I found out the "prizes". One day they will realize that while we love our children; we do have the desire for more from our lives than just a symbiotic relationship with them.