Music teacher dismissed for being a lesbian parent

Posted by Saraline , Thursday, April 29, 2010 12:29 PM

This is an absolutely disgusting display of discrimination. Little Flower Academy, a Catholic school in Vancouver, knew that Lisa Reimer was a lesbian when they hired her to instruct their all girls choir. Reimer went on leave when her partner gave birth to a baby and was told not to come back after parents of the students expressed concerns that "the girls might follow Ms. Reimer's lead."

Of course parents want to be involved in their children's schools and have a say in what goes on in their classrooms, but it is the school's responsibility to ensure that they don't discriminate against their teachers and students because of their sexual orientation. It would have been nice if the school had organized a tolerance workshop for the students and parents, but it's a Catholic school, so why would they do that?

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Anonymous Says:

"Although the Human Rights Code applies to publicly-funded schools, the rules around faith-based schools is less clear."

There's the rub. HUMAN RIGHTS, apparently don't include all humans? Her situation is ripe for change, hope she gets a great lawyer. Labour laws and HR's laws must be obeyed. I'm sure Little Flower will change their story and message soon.