Eleven reasons to have a mommy business card

Posted by Saraline , Sunday, May 2, 2010 8:51 PM

As I've mentioned before, I'm fascinated by the idea of mommy business cards. I've been looking into this, and one website I found has a list of top 10 reasons to use your mommy cards:

1. New moms you meet and want play dates with
2. Contact info for Babysitter
3. Neighbors
4. Existing friends (the cards are just too cute not to share)
5. Put in holiday cards, birthday cards, thank you cards and more
6. When dropping off your child at someone’s house for a play date or birthday party
7. If your child is lost you can give out the card with their picture on it to help find them
8. Keep one in your suitcase or diaper bag in case it gets lost
9. Will make grandparents smile
10. Just for fun!

I have one more to add to this list:

11. It shows everyone that you're an important person; mothers are important people, too.

7 Response to "Eleven reasons to have a mommy business card"

Saraline Says:

Oh, and I would just like to add that I think that the mommy cards on that website are way too expensive.

Danielle R Says:

Great idea, Saraline!
Have you tried Vistaprint? They're pretty reasonable...

Saraline Says:

I haven't. I'm actually moving in a couple of months, so right now I'm just looking and thinking about it. I don't know if I'll actually get any mommy business cards.

Saraline Says:

Did you use Vistaprint for business cards for your photography business?

Saraline Says:

Danielle, I just looked at their website, and wow! They are much more reasonable than that other website.

Anonymous Says:

Just get a package of Avery blank business cards and print your own in small batches. That way, you can have lots of different designs.

My teen aged kids have cards as well. They hand them out at conferences, tournaments, places that they will later send a resume to for work etc.

Brook Says:

What an awesome idea! I should make some for my sister as a gift :)