Posted by Saraline , Saturday, August 21, 2010 7:44 PM

Well, I've moved to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. I was thinking of changing the name of this blog to "Feminist Mom in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue," but I'm still on the island of Montreal so I don't think that will be necessary. If anyone would like some helpful tips about moving with a toddler, the only sage advice I have to offer is "Don't do it."

I think that I would prefer to have my son grow up in this small town than in the city. The best part about the new place is that we now have a backyard! At our old place we just had a lot of pavement. We did live a couple of blocks away from Jarry Park, which was awesome, but I prefer having a backyard.

In other news, in my Internet travels I recently discovered a free subscription to PETA magazine for kids. No thanks, PETA!

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lagatta à montréal Says:

Saraline, Blogger said my comment was too long, so I'm cutting it in halves:

Wow. Are you studying at John-Abbott Cégep or Macdonald College at Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue?

It is an unusually cute tiny down at the western tip of the island, with the narrow streets, and mostly small houses, of a Québec country village. The commuter train does go right to Montréal though, and you can change up to the train that goes up to the Laurentians and get out at Jarry Park!

I'm a member of Les amis du Parc Jarry. We've won a small battle against expansion of the police station there - so many encroachments on the park from les flics, Tennis Canada and other agents, while the green space is sorely needed by the densely-populated residential areas surrounding it.

In Villeray, you pretty much have to own your own triplex to have the yard of the ground-floor flat. Fortunately I live in a co-op, and parents of a child have priority for the ground floor flats (there are only two 2-bedroom flats on the ground floor). Other co-ops, including the one on avenue de Gaspé and Castelnau and the one on Lajeunesse near Jarry, have larger flats for families. continued...

lagatta à montréal Says:


The only problem in Ste-Anne is there isn't a lot of local shopping on foot for daily needs, as so many of the businesses are watering holes, restaurants etc for students, faculty and tourists. There is only one small supermarket, the Intermarché near the library.

There is a larger Provigo supermarket, an SAQ, another pharmacy, a vet clinic (ha!) etc in a strip mall nearby in Baie d'Urfé. I mention the SAQ as there was a very unfortunate incident there not long ago. An employee was working there ALONE when she was gunned down and left for dead; she is VERY seriously injured. I am very, very angry that the SAQ (note to non-Québécois: the wine and spirits monopoly, like LCBO in Ontario) would leave a worker in such peril. No retail worker should be alone, and liquor bottles are like liquid money for any crook. They can resell them anywhere.

After that sombre note, it is a pretty and quiet twon, with a lot of green space around the College and at the Morgan Arboretum

I see the Arboretum charges a $5 admission fee - perhaps you might want to become a Friend of the Arboretum or see if the fee can be waived for local families.

Saraline Says:

Hi Lagatta, I'm studying information and library technologies at John Abbott College.

I'm glad that you won your battle! I have many fond memories of Jarry Park. I used to take my son there almost every day.

Ste-Anne has a small market on Saturdays. The prices aren't as good as the ones at Jean-Talon market, but it's still nice to go to the market on the weekends. There's also a Uniprix and a Couche Tard that's open 24/7 which is handy if I run out of bread or something.

I called the Provigo in Baie d'Urfé once to find out if they have delivery. I thought I would ride my bike there and have my groceries delivered, but they don't offer that service.

I haven't been to the Aboretum yet, but I've been meaning to go. I took my son to the Ecomuseum once in the summer. It was only a 20 minute bike ride. The bike paths here are really great.