Daycare strike

Posted by Saraline , Thursday, November 11, 2010 9:36 AM

The $7 a day home daycares in the Montreal area went on strike yesterday, including my son's daycare. I was a little bit worried because I also had a French test at school yesterday. In the end, my neighbour watched my son while I wrote my test. His daycare closed a couple of weeks ago as well and I ended up taking him to class with me; I thought that he would be too much of a distraction during a test.

This is what the home daycare workers want:

The union wants the employees to receive better salaries, paid vacations and a pension plan. Home daycare providers and those who operate out of commercial spaces both receive $19 a day per child from the Quebec government and another $7 from parents. The union wants another $12 a day so salaries will be similar to employees who work in the larger Centres de la Petite Enfance (CPEs). The union also says home daycare workers work longer hours than their counterparts in CPEs.

It's not a terrible thing to ask for. They basically want the same benefits and salaries as people who are doing the same job that they are. I hope that this is resolved soon; there's a rumour going around that there may be a week long strike if the union's talks with the government don't move along.