Personal boundaries

Posted by Saraline , Thursday, December 16, 2010 8:06 PM

I'm currently teaching my two year old son about personal boundaries. This mostly consists of me chasing him around at public events and shouting, "No, Eliot! We use kleenex, NOT PEOPLE!" It's never too early to teach them that no means no, right? So I don't let him pull the cat's tail, I don't let him pick my nose, and I don't let him wipe his snotty nose on random strangers.

There are some adults who don't get the concept of respecting personal boundaries and I hope that he won't be one of them. I could tell you what I think of the response that people have had to the Julian Assange rape allegations, but Kate Harding already did. Words mean things, including the words "no" and "stop."

Google search

Posted by Saraline 11:39 AM

I have a little gadget on my blog that tells me what people are googling when they find my blog. I usually get things like "$7 daycare montreal" and "what's the best hospital to give birth at in montreal." Today I checked it out and discovered that someone had found my blog when they googled "which bronte sister would you fuck."

I guess that somebody really couldn't decide and they needed to find some other opinions.

Just for the record, I would pick Anne. Who would you pick?