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Posted by Saraline , Thursday, December 16, 2010 11:39 AM

I have a little gadget on my blog that tells me what people are googling when they find my blog. I usually get things like "$7 daycare montreal" and "what's the best hospital to give birth at in montreal." Today I checked it out and discovered that someone had found my blog when they googled "which bronte sister would you fuck."

I guess that somebody really couldn't decide and they needed to find some other opinions.

Just for the record, I would pick Anne. Who would you pick?

7 Response to "Google search"

Saraline Says:

And just for fun:

Joella Says:

I have had some very disturbing google searches lead to my blog. A recent gem was "delilah showing her private part at in boys faces".


Saraline Says:

I had one that was clearly looking for porn with moms in it. They came to the wrong place!

Anonymous Says:

Charlotte. But honestly, a 4-way is kinda my thing ;D


Saraline Says:

I don't think that the Brontë sisters would have been into a 4-way.

Anonymous Says:

Im sure i could convince them. Im pretty darn charming ;)

RenaissanceScholar Says:

I love it! and I love hark a vagrant :)