If you're in Quebec: how did you find daycare?

Posted by Saraline , Tuesday, February 1, 2011 12:19 PM

Parenting comes with many challenges and it is essential that we help each other. A huge issue for many of us is finding a daycare.

I posted a few months ago about how I found a spot in a $7 a day daycare in Quebec. One person sent me an email telling me that she tried the same thing and going to a CLSC did not work for her.

I would like to hear stories from other people about how they found daycare in Quebec. You can comment on this post or send me an email. The goal is to be able to give other parents some ideas about where they can start when looking for daycare. So what worked for you? What didn't work? Tell us everything!

5 Response to "If you're in Quebec: how did you find daycare?"

TeawithFrodo Says:

I wish I could help. We have so much trouble finding a place that would take him a couple days a month.

I did retweet it though so more people can see and respond.

Anonymous Says:

My daughter is in a private daycare in Montreal. My trick was that I called every couple of months so that they wouldn`t forget me. I also made an appoinment to visit the daycare. I made myself very present. Eventually she got in at 14 months.

Anonymous Says:

I used the centralized waiting list at http://www.enfancefamille.org/_home their waiting time for a spot in a subsidized daycare is 1.5 years.

Anonymous Says:

By the way, if you are an undergraduate university student, you should apply for a spot at the student daycare of your school. Their waiting lists (for undergrads) are usually a lot shorter.

@ TeawithFrodo, have you tried finding a spot in a Halte garderie? they are a lot easier to get into.


shenanegans Says:

I have only used 7$ a day daycares and it never took me more than a month to find one that I liked. I have also taken my kids out and changed them to another 7$ a day daycare after I found the caregivers (in both places) feeding the kids froot loops for the snack. I am not afraid to change them if I am not happy. My 3 year old has now been at the same place for 2 years. I live in Villeray so I know its easier here than in the Plateau but I really like the site http://latrottinettecarottee.com/ which has listings with active spaces available now, you have to call and ask questions as there isn't much info apart from the address on the site. www.magarderie.com is also good and they have more info on each daycare. I find the enfance famille "waiting list" a complete waste of time. Kind of like putting your resume on a big online job site and sitting back and waiting for the dream job to come along. Not going to happen. The other decent option is going to the park near your house around 10am-12 and talking to the daycare educatrices that show up.They will keep you in mind if they have a space. Good Luck!!